Subcellular spatial and contextual transcriptomics for tissue atlasing, pathway analysis, biomarker validation and beyond

Tuesday, 20th September at 12 pm BST, Virtual

About the webinar:

The ability to analyze complex gene expression patterns has improved our understanding of functional, integrated biology with every decade providing another quantal leap. In 2020 Nature named Spatial Transcriptomics as their method of the year, an honor previously bestowed upon single-cell sequencing. 

What if you could generate exquisite, sub-cellular, spatial, multiplexed data allowing for the analysis of millions of transcripts whilst maintaining tissue integrity? Molecular Cartography is a pioneering technology based on the ‘Gold Standard’ of smFISH, which makes it possible to digitally quantify the copy number of each target transcript, regardless of species, and each transcript’s spatial location with 3-dimensional nanometer-scale resolution. This new technological paradigm is rapidly progressing into practical applications. We will present several potential applications along with supporting data for tissue Atlasing, developmental biology, pathway deconvolution, biomarker identification and theoretical application for monitoring therapeutic efficacy and disease progression, in clinical and non-clinical samples.

Presented by Jeroen Aerts, PhD, Customer Technology Advisor at Resolve Biosciences

Hosted by Dr. Nik Matthews, Head of Imperial BRC Genomics Facility at Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine, Hammersmith Campus ([email protected])

For questions, please contact Douglas Taylor, Head of Commercial Operations at Resolve Biosciences, at [email protected]