Single-cell transcript mapping in crop species using Molecular CartographyTM

Join us at PAG30 on Monday, Jan 16, 4:00 PM in Town & Country Conference Center, Pacific D

Meet our speakers

Samik Bhattacharya, PhD

Senior Scientific Expert

Resolve Biosciences

Trevor Nolan.jpg

Trevor Nolan, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Benfey Lab, Duke University

Hilde Nelissen, PhD

Group Leader

VIB UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology


4:00 pm - Samik Bhattacharya, PhD, Resolve Biosciences

Introduction to high-resolution spatial transcriptomics for agrigenomics

4:30 pm - Trevor Nolan, PhD, Duke University

Using spatial transcriptomics to construct a single-cell atlas of rice: towards understanding root growth through compacted soil

5:15 pm - Hilde Nelissen, PhD, VIB-UGhent

Transcriptional gradients in the maize shoot apex

5:50 pm - Panel session followed by networking, drinks and nibbles


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